Our principals have published a wide range of articles over the years, many of which can be found in our knowledge database, and also co-authored the following books:
The Lawyer’s Guide to the Future of Practice Management

September 2019

The Lawyer’s Guide to the Future of Practice Management provides law firm leaders with expert opinion on the very latest guidance and market knowledge on what today’s legal marketplace might look like tomorrow, organized into four crucial areas of practice management – technology, people and culture, finance and strategy – before taking a horizon-scan of the future, and what law firms need to be aware of in the coming months and years.

Building the data-driven law firm

June 2019

Building the data-driven law firm looks at how the use of data has become inextricably linked with the practice of law; how it can be utilized to the good and the safeguards that must be put in place to mitigate the bad; how Big Data will revolutionize the way lawyers work, and the cases they will work on; and how new uses for data (including blockchain and the Internet of Things) will influence the law firm of the future.

Future Law Firm Business Models

January 2019

An in-depth look at the trends and future developments that will fundamentally change the legal market.

Blockchain and the Legal Profession

July 2018

Created by programmers from the mid-90s onwards and launched by technology disruptors in 2008 on the back of the biggest corporate failings in trust and honesty the modern world has seen, Blockchain collects facts as diverse as Wikipedia and churns them out as randomly as Alexa in a playschool. Heralded as the next big thing, blockchain has the potential to radically change the way lawyers work, and even threaten their very existence.

So, what is it, and how does it work? This book, featuring opinions and experience from some of the most knowledgeable thought leaders on the subject, aims to cut through the hype and explore the many different facets of blockchain, and what it will mean for the legal profession. Rob Millard wrote Chapter 3: Blockchain and the business model.

AI in Application: An in-depth examination from the legal profession

March 2018

Up-to-the-minute insight into AI use cases in the legal industry, showing how artificial intelligence is being employed in law firms and law departments.
Partner Remuneration in Law Firms

August 2016

This practical book, published on behalf of the International Bar Association, is full of real-life examples and addresses a variety of issues to be considered when designing, managing or administering partner remuneration / compensation systems. It will be of interest to managing and senior partners, board members, HR directors and remuneration committee members of local, national and regional law firms alike.
Law Firm Strategies for the 21st Century

December 2013

Published in association with the Law Firm Management Committee of the International Bar Association, this practical title is the first in Globe Law and Business’s series on the business of law dedicated to exploring strategic development in law firms. It includes contributions from leading academics, consultants and law firm partners who share their insights and experience in strategy development and management.
The Definitive Law Firm Management Guide
(Second Edition)

November 2012

This highly anticipated special report features a selection of forward-thinking articles, case studies, tips, tools and advice from Managing Partner magazine to help you tackle the issues that affect the day-to-day efficiency and success of your firm. Covering key topics from law firm strategy, finance and risk to business development, IT and HR this report will enable you to:

> Successfully manage the day-to-day running of your firm as a business;

> Capitalise on new opportunities; and

> Improve your position and market share.

The Business of Law

May 2012

This high-level title, published in conjunction with the International Bar Association (IBA), brings together the expertise of IBA members and experienced practitioners to produce a practical guide to law firm management and building a successful business.