Life and Partnerships without The Billable Hour

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Life and Partnerships without The Billable Hour

We are pleased to share with you the recording of our recent Professional Practices Alliance (PPA) live panel discussion on “Life and Partnerships without The Billable Hour: Business Model Transformation Post-COVID-19″.

The increasing use of technology to deliver professional services in new and more efficient ways means the billable hour is under pressure. Our expert panel consider the potential impact on business models in the professional services sector if it became impossible or irrelevant to measure billable hours. 

In this discussion, you can hear Session Chair Zulon Begum (CM Murray LLP), Corinne Staves (CM Muray LLP), David Shufflebotham (PEP Up Consulting), Robert Millard (Cambridge Strategy Group) and guest speaker Philip Goodstone (UK&I Head of Law at EY) discuss the following:

• Why do business models in law firms and other professional services firms need to evolve?
• How has the increased use of technology in the professional services sector driven changes in business models?
• Would the way that performance and profitability is measured by firms need to change?
• How would a firm’s governance systems need to develop?
• Would a change in business model impact the metrics and process that a firm uses for assessing partner contribution and compensation?


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