ClientConnect is an innovative process that draws together expertise from a law firm and its client to identify and solve complex and difficult challenges, the resolution of which would be transformational to the relationship between them.

We developed ClientConnect in order to provide a resource for law firms to find ways to radically redefine their relationships with their most important clients. It involves assembling small, well-supported teams drawn from a law firm and the in-house legal function of a client. Together, they select a challenge which, when solved, would be transformational to the relationship between the law firm and its client. This they address collaboratively, though a structured and well-supported process over 6 to 8 weeks.

Design thinking and other innovation processes that emphasise the creative process up to prototype / proof of concept stage deliver only a partial solution. Based on sound business research into innovation success and failure, ClientConnect focuses further on supporting the team through the much more difficult post-creative stage, developing the idea into a complete, pitch-ready solution. The process is heavily influenced by philosophies and methodologies drawn from the well-proven ‘Agile Movement’ pioneered by technology companies. This includes creating a viable business case and a scale-up plan that takes proper account of the obstacles that will arise during implementation.

ClientConnect is intended to deliver scalable solutions and value that would not be possible by means other than close, structured collaboration between law firm and client.

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